About us

Our history:
The Centre for eHealth was established by AUT in July 2014 with the mission to be recognised as a leading participant in the global development of individual, family/whanau, community and population health and wellbeing services based on best in class technology approaches. This includes:

1. applying creative approaches to the design, development and evaluation of tools and technologies that promote health and wellbeing
2. enabling consumers and health practitioners to effectively use appropriate health technologies
3. facilitating increasingly equitable access to a comprehensive range of such tools through our work

Our director and core team:
A/Prof. Duncan Babbage
Adjunct Prof. Anil Thapliyal
Juliet Drown, Research Programme Manager

The Centre for eHealth is a part of the School of Clinical Sciences, part of the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences. The Faculty is located at AUT's Akoranga Campus and is New Zealand's largest and most diverse health education provider.